Severn Trent Water

Putting a value on water

Severn Trent Water campaign

Severn Trent Water’s 4.3 million bill paying customers enjoy the best value in Britain, with the lowest average combined water and waste water bills in the UK. Hornall Anderson began working with Severn Trent Water in November 2014 to create a campaign that would help customers understand the value they get from their water company.

But how do you put a value on something that falls out of the sky? Water is perceived as inherently free, and Severn Trent – like all water companies – faces a challenge in explaining the value it adds to the process.

The central creative concept is to put an actual price on the water that is used in experiences we love. So, ‘Scruffy the Dog’, the loveable central character of the launch video, goes for a fun-packed walk and ends up muddy. How do you compare that experience to the 3p it costs to make him clean again?

This idea has launched across videos on Severn Trent Water’s website, where visitors can select the specific muddy adventure Scruffy enjoys – hedge, bin or puddle – and a “Puppy” button shows us Scruffy as a cute young puppy. The message also appears across direct mail and digital banners.