Pacific Dental

Putting your best face forward

Pacific Dental Services branding campaign

This is not only Pacific Dental Services’ (PDS) line of business, but also reflects the reason behind their desire for a brand redesign. A Fortune 500 company partnering with dentists to own approximately 200 dental offices across the western U.S., PDS needed their brand to accurately reflect their high level of service. Focusing on an identity solution that uses a series of teeth arranged in a circle – literally representing the unity and strength of the PDS group – the design team created an overall visual style, using iconic illustrations, modern blue color palette and clean typography.

In addition to the new identity, a marketing brochure was designed to give the organization a face and a voice for recruiting purposes. Through the clarification of their messaging and visual communication, we elevated the PDS brand to heighten the impact of their message, humanize their service, and subtly weave in their shared core values.

Real Smiles is a string of PDS dental clinics focused solely on dental implants. To set them apart from their general dentistry counterparts, we created a consumer-facing logo with a more human than clinical approach. The design solution is a stylized representation of a dental implant and reflects the specialized nature of their service.