Travel deep

Fathom brand experience

Personal connection is one of the strongest catalysts for transformation. With this belief as their north star, Fathom—a part of the Carnival Corporation family—set sail with an innovative cruise experience that seeks to disrupt the traditional cruise industry and define an entirely new category of travel.

Through on-ship programming and working alongside local communities in impact activities within the Dominican Republic, and through cultural exchange initiatives in Cuba, Fathom and their purpose-driven travelers become catalysts for societal and individual impact, as well as pioneers in social impact travel.

Fathom partnered with Hornall Anderson to help them navigate this uncharted territory. With a logo and wordmark already in place, we developed the look and feel of the brand across nearly 100 individual touch points on and off the ship—from fun discovered moments to more immersive opportunities to engage with the greater social movement at hand and with each other. The modern, layered, and robust system inspires thoughtful reflection, encourages curiosity, and celebrates the transformative power of meaningful and mindful travel.

Digital touch points, currently in development, incorporate the pre and post cruise experience, helping set passenger expectations in advance (sharing the current status of the communities being helped), and after the journey (through a digital summary documenting their adventures).

In the wake of their cruise, each passenger gains new connections, deeper learning, increased awareness, and the knowledge they are a part of the changing tide that’s making a difference in the world.