Good work makes you stop.
Great work makes you feel.

Good work makes you stop.
Great work makes you feel.


Tackling the toughest challenges

As an organization with a legacy of invention, GE knows what imagination is all about. Faced with increasingly complex global challenges, they needed a better way to engage and collaborate with their customers, and bring those innovations to life. We created a new-breed collaboration center that brings together global expertise along with sophisticated analytic tools in a hard-working space that puts customers at the core.


A 134+ year-old iconic brand gets a makeover

As the saying goes, “when it’s time, it’s time” – especially when it comes to shedding a few pounds. It was time for Quaker to undergo a healthy transformation, from repositioning Quaker, making subtle adjustments to the Quaker man, to visually expressing “optimism and energy” throughout the packaging globally. Clearly, Quaker was up for a brand refresh and we were up for the challenge.


A fresh take on fresh

Evolution Fresh is more than just juice. It’s a whole new take on healthy and delicious. We worked to create a brand that helped Starbucks bring the natural, vibrant goodness of nature to life—and bring it to market in only a few months. All by following Nature’s lead.

Madison Square Garden

Living up to the Legend

The epic events it has played host to over more than 50 years of history go far beyond New York and have a home in our collective cultural experience. From Ali vs. Frazier to the Concert for New York, Willis Reed in Game 7 to Messier raising The Cup, the greatest moments in sports and entertainment happen at the Garden.

The Limited

The style and fit she deserves

Always on trend, The Limited heard the need and answered the call by creating a new brand and product offering devoted to the plus-size woman. Their mission was to create a fabulous clothing and accessory collection that celebrates a woman's true fashion sense and showcases her individuality.


Putting a media giant into motion

Evolving a global brand requires more than a skin-deep makeover. You have to change the way you walk and talk. You need flexibility within a framework. The world’s largest media company needed a revitalized platform that could express their never-stop culture, not just their size and influence.


Never be without great coffee

It’s easy to look back on VIA as a success now, after watching it shatter forecasted yearly sales goals in the first quarter, but there were a lot of naysayers who didn’t believe Starbucks could or should reinvent the instant category. VIA was skipping the lab and going straight to market, so we only got one shot at getting it right.


Making technology more human

We’ve partnered with smartphone manufacturer HTC to help them emerge from their OEM roots to become a bold challenger brand in the consumer electronics category. Our goal – bring some humanity to the world of mobile technology by illustrating the real-life benefits of HTC's brilliant innovations.


Thinking outside the jar

We wanted to fundamentally change the means of consumption and extend a famously simple product line. Marmite is a love-it-or-hate-it brand. Our goal was to make you love – or hate – it even more. The lesson is that icons can make bold moves, as long as they stay true to what earned them that status.


UK's largest private label redesign

The UK's biggest in-house brand needed to shed its perception of being “cheap.” Creating a united framework that could accommodate over 6,000 different products – from Bolognese sauce to bath soap – was a complex task. So we simplified it: we decided that the customers were, literally, always right… all 40,000 of them who were involved in testing the products.


A return to craft roots

Redhook had lost some of the craft brew credibility it had helped to define. Getting that back was going to require more than new labels on the bottle. In the end, it required street-level consumer insights, a lot of lessons from in and outside the category, and a flat-out fearless approach to design and messaging.