It's pretty simple, at Hornall Anderson, we love beer.

For more than a decade, Hornall Anderson partnered with Craft Brew Alliance on the development and redesign of the brand and packaging design systems for Redhook, Widmer Brothers and their gluten-free style, Omission (great name, eh?). Our task was to elevate the Craft Brew Alliance brand and showcase how the three styles fit within the overall product portfolio.

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For Redhook, we helped them return to their craft roots to inspire new and past consumers as they navigated an increasingly crowded beer aisle. Our creative strategy played up Redhook’s personality and distinct voice, including the implementation of an on-package, flavor-indicating “beer-ometer." 

Widmer Brothers

A trip to the beer aisle means a barrage of choices —from low-end, mass domestics to premium craft brands. We helped Redhook identify a space they could own and a way of speaking directly to their consumers. The clean, color-coded system is easily identifiable and stands out from the competition—all while providing clearly branded messaging that helps consumers connect with the brand.

Our revamped brand architecture helped Widmer solidify its position as a leading craft brewer. To further stand out, we created sub-brands around each of Widmer’s unique beers and built a cohesive new identity by keying in on the authenticity of the company and the individuality of their products.

From the subtle complexity of their flagship Hefeweizen, to the slightly naughty Broken Halo IPA, to the casual-cool of Drop Top Amber and the IPA annual releases – all designs feature a unique attention to individuality that craft-beer enthusiasts appreciate. After the launch of this line, Widmer exceeded their sales goals and grew their share of the market in every category.


With Celiac disease affecting 1 in 100 Americans, many beer drinkers must give up their favorite bev due to dietary restrictions. Craft Brew Alliance had the answer in Omission, the first U.S. craft beer brand brewed with traditional beer ingredients (including malted barley) but specially crafted to remove the gluten.

Playing off of Omission’s messaging, we developed the tagline, “It isn’t just what we took out; it’s what we left in.” Then we created a series of tongue-in-cheek illustrations reflecting the “removal of gluten” (or removing the “O” on-pack) without omitting great taste. This is whimsically demonstrated through a variety of vehicles—UFO, bird, helicopter, hot air balloon, magnet, and magic wand.

Brewed in Portland, OR, Omission was initially only available in Oregon. Following the beer’s success in the state, and requests from gluten-free enthusiasts across the country, the brewery initiated a phased national rollout. Consumers consider Omission a premium product line that meets their dietary restrictions, while providing a quality craft beer taste. Our identity work and packaging helped Omission grow into a nationwide market.

Craft Brew Alliance

This brings us to the Craft Brew Alliance itself. After all of the above, we knew the team at CBA as well as only good drinking buddies can. We brought their brand identity and logo to life around the idea of “Different brands. Different Stories. One conviction – Make it true.”

So Prost to the CBA team! We loved every minute (and session) of working with them. 

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