Death of Diamonds

Diamonds are spellbinding, sparkly rocks born from deep within the Earth. But are they the ethical, ecological, and economical choice for today’s discerning jewelry lovers? Millennials are pushing the boundaries of the diamond industry in search of highly personalized, moral alternatives. So, are diamonds forever? Add lab grown bling to the category and just maybe. We can’t say the same for diamond traditions. Tune in as we unpack the past, present, and future of the diamond industry.

Death by Millennial Podcast

Are Millennials killing industries? Not so fast. Death by Millennial looks at how markets and brands are evolving for Millennial appeal. In each episode, Designers Tiffany Ta and Dana Wait explore one so-called “dying” industry, interview an expert and share takeaways.

Tiffany Ta and Dana Wait
Tiffany Ta and Dana Wait

Tiffany is an experiential designer who brings immersive, innovative environments to life for brands and people. She loves incorporating creative technology in her work to enable seamless human interaction. Tiffany has a cat named Frida, with impossibly soft fur and 62 Instagram followers who keep tabs at @frida__katlo.

As a designer of experiences and environments, with a background in Interior Design, Dana is fulfilled by making thoughtful things for thoughtful people. Her passion for human-centered design is rivaled only by her love of cheese—the sharper the cheddar, the better.

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