Bartell Drugs

Grow with heart, at home.

Celebrating 125 years in the Seattle area, family-owned Bartell Drugs wanted to commemorate their tradition of offering unique, local products to their customers by launching a new private label for their 60+ stores. We were tasked with creating a brand that reflected Bartell’s most beloved traits: approachability, trust and exceptional customer service. Taking a cue from our lush surroundings, Emerald & Spruce evokes the landscape and people of the Pacific Northwest and its vibrant, eclectic spirit.

A nod to the Northwest

We drew our inspiration from what was literally all around us—the unparalleled glory of the Pacific Northwest. The name Emerald & Spruce situates the brand as the crown jewel of Bartell’s offerings, while grounding it in the rugged appeal of the local landscape. A colorful, modern-day patchwork pattern knits together the diverse range of unique products, flavors, tastes, and sounds emblematic of our region and its culture.

Emerald & Spruce first kicked things off with a new ice-cream line, with locally inspired flavors like Ballard Blackberry and Snohomish Strawberry.

Breaking through boring

The brand’s bright, energetic character sparkles on shelf, breaking through the dreary and clinical nature of drugstore packaging. Cohesive and distinctive, the new Emerald & Spruce label links a variety of trusted household products into a unified brand that, in a world of function and seriousness, is brightly unforgettable.

A brand built to thrive

To help Bartell maintain the integrity of their numerous brand extensions, we created a flexible design system that could adapt to any new product—from ice cream to vitamins, dog treats, wine and beyond. We also developed a comprehensive style guide, with all the tools needed to confidently guide the brand well into the future.