Fred Hutch

Brand Strategy, Visual and Verbal Expression

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is renowned as a leading force in the fight against cancer and one of the most prominent research organizations in the world. But the reality is that most people don’t understand the work they do or the link between their scientific research and the lives it changes—world-changing breakthroughs like bone marrow transplantation and HPV vaccine development. We worked in true partnership with the team at Fred Hutch to reimagine the center’s brand and bring it to life in powerful new ways.

Built from the inside out

Before Fred Hutch could tell its story to the world, we had to find common ground within its own walls. Together with the Fred Hutch brand team, we convened a series of campus-wide conversations. There, we evangelized the importance of the very idea of brand itself and used that shared understanding as a launching point for deep and honest conversation about the work and people of Fred Hutch. Together, we discovered the core of the brand—not to mention its new tagline, Cures Start Here, articulated by one of Fred Hutch’s employees.

A new face for Fred Hutch

In addition to shortening the institution’s name to Fred Hutch, we sought to create an updated visual identity that would better capture the energy, passion and progressive drive of the brand. The new mark was designed to evoke both the spirit and science of true discovery, abstractly referencing both the moment of inflection when something new is uncovered or created, and the larger search for cures.

Just getting started

The new Fred Hutch brand came to life in a powerful and targeted launch effort designed to drive awareness and engagement. From a new web site, built by the Fred Hutch team around human-scale stories of people impacted by the work of Fred Hutch, to emotional radio ads featuring those same stories, the link between research and outcomes is made emphatically. Striking print and out of home advertising speaks to Fred Hutch’s mission in a way that brings complex science down to a human scale.

Moving into the future

The work and the brand we built together will continue to evolve and grow as more people are invited into the conversation to share their stories, and the research Fred Hutch leads is connected to cures and life-changing impact on a global scale.