Brand Identity and Packaging Design

Among the first foods babies taste and the earliest choices moms make, Gerber has nourished generations for 90 years. This brings incredible responsibility, and the daunting challenge of appealing to ever-changing attitudes and values.

The brand’s high standards have never wavered. But moms began to view Gerber as previous generations’ baby food and were turning to new, organic competitors that felt in sync with their health-conscious, time-crunched lifestyles. Our goal was simple: bring Gerber and today’s parents together.

Refreshing heritage.

At the outset, consumer research revealed rich hidden equity. Moms across all races and backgrounds still held Gerber in their hearts, and saw their own little one in the iconic Gerber baby. With this in mind, we distilled Gerber’s brand strategy to inspire breakthrough creative beyond the baby logo. The idea? Give moms peace of mind. Empathize with the chaos. Make life easier.

Embracing what’s true.

Restoring and refining the original charcoal sketch of the Gerber baby, we made the most of its equity, character and warmth. And since moms know that real life is joyful and messy all at once, we captured the beauty of real food—delicious, not artificially perfect.

In an unexpected shift, we dialed up the existing brand color to a rich, textural blue that makes the food stand out, feels premium and celebrates the brand on shelf. Gerber recognizes that shopping with a baby can be challenging, so we helped mom out with clear navigation, eye-catching stage milestones unique to the brand, and simplified information in a conversational, confident voice.

By going back to Gerber’s roots, we found the path forward. The brand has come a long way, and is set to earn love for generations to come.