Visitor and Sales Center Experience Design

Photos by Magda Biernat Photography
For nearly half a century, Airbus Group has pushed the boundaries of flight. Despite being the largest global purchaser of US-based products in the industry, the aerospace and defense corporation wanted to shift perception from that of a product-specific business to a global leader with US presence.
To do so, Airbus Group enlisted Hornall Anderson to create a state-of-the-art Experience Center located in the heart of the capitol district in Washington, DC. The integrated showcase-plus-workspace utilizes immersive technologies and interactive displays to tell a comprehensive story through impeccably designed moments of surprise and delight. Hosting a range of visitors from airline customers to congressmen, the center invites guests into a greater understanding of Airbus Group’s role in shaping the future of travel, defense and aerospace. The result is an industry-leading sales and educational tool, and a powerful reminder that the sky connects us all.

Inviting a new perspective.

Upon arrival at the Experience Center, visitors enter a loyalty lounge-inspired Reception area. Guiding the eye upward, a ceiling oculus offers a bird’s eye view of the earth with simulated flight paths and satellite orbits. This dramatic, 24-hour time-lapse animation tells the story of Airbus Group’s global reach and marks the point of departure for one of three experience paths.
Photos by Magda Biernat Photography

The world at your fingertips.

In the Briefing Room, a sweeping 30-foot wall stands in front of a touchscreen table where visitors can intuitively explore featured Airbus Group stories. Upon selection, a mosaic of frames project onto the adjacent wall using data visualization techniques. The interactive content is easily customized and updated to appeal to the range of audiences.
Photos by Magda Biernat Photography

A glimpse into tomorrow.

The Innovation Gallery celebrates the tireless pursuit of Airbus Group, from an engineless glider that can fly at the edge of space to more effective ways of training aircraft pilots. Featuring both analog and digital installations, the museum-like environment prioritizes experience over traditional placards, and opens to a workspace where visitors can partner on future breakthroughs.
Photos by Magda Biernat Photography

A commanding presence.

Beyond a secret opening revealed by a moving wall, visitors encounter a 40-foot-long Fleet Wall. When activated, projected imagery and interactive 3D models animate across the sculpted surface. Leveraging depth, scale and motion, visitors are immersed in a one-of-a-kind look at the breadth of commercial, helicopter, defense and aerospace products.
Photos by Magda Biernat Photography
Photos by Magda Biernat Photography

The journey to possibility.

Traveling between the showcase and collaborative workspace, visitors walk the Skywalk Corridor. Ten windows line the ceiling, each with high-resolution motion graphics that evolve from the daytime Contrail view which tracks flight patterns, to Galaxy mode with views of satellites orbiting the night sky.
Photos by Magda Biernat Photography
“Hornall Anderson created a dynamic experience and storytelling space that enables us to demonstrate many of our industry-leading innovations, while celebrating our accomplishments in the US and around the world.”
Rick McGivern, Director of Government Relations and Experience Center Director

Bringing it to life.

Staying true to our mission of creating experiences that integrate story, environment, and technology, Hornall Anderson worked in collaboration with the Glover Park Group, VOA Associates, Leviathan, Schema Design, and Airbus throughout the design process, and Xibitz and Avidex as fabrication partners. We thank them for their partnership. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes.