Brand Identity and Packaging Design

Progresso has lived in American hearts and kitchens for a century. The company sprung from one man’s insistence on sharing the best ingredients, and the brand has held onto that passion ever since. But with more and more choices on shelves, today’s health-conscious shoppers have begun moving away from canned goods. We knew the brand needed to rally around real, quality food—affirming fans and enticing fans-to-be.

Our strategy honed in on the love of food, found in every busy home kitchen as well as Progresso’s recipes. With the warmth and richness of a family meal, we needed to share the love.

Putting stock in premium.

First, we envisioned the way forward for new Progresso Cooking Stocks, simmered with real bones as a flavorful foundation for home-cooked creations. In a radical departure from convention, we incorporated lively, classic illustrations, modern typography, fresh messaging and color to emphasize craftsmanship and a new perspective. The design speaks to both loyal supporters and more adventurous cooks looking to branch out.

Identity gets cooking.

In a distilled design proudly displaying the Progresso name and the goodness inside the package, the new wordmark embraces and modernizes heritage while the updated look and feel serves up impact and relevance. Removing excess detail in favor of unique vessels and clearly legible sub-lines with character, we ensured shoppers can easily find favorites as well as new choices. Vibrant, iconic photography against a clean, bright label highlights the care put into each recipe.

We extended the new identity across Progresso’s Foods lines, a full range of pantry staples. All packaging communicates superior quality in a connected, approachable way that feels right at home in the kitchen.

Now showing up as an invigorated category leader, Progresso is in touch with its roots but also aligned with modern tastes and mindsets. Ready to earn a spot in more cupboards, more tables and more hearts than ever before.