University of Washington

Brand Strategy, Visual and Verbal Communications

The University of Washington is an incredible institution—and an incredibly complex one. The University had no lack of great stories to tell, but without focus, those stories weren’t laddering up to anything bigger. What began as a marketing campaign grew into a singular strategy for the entire UW brand. We got there by helping the University move beyond demographics to identify the shared mindset of the audiences they sought to reach. Together, we then created a series of tenets, boldly expressing the values and beliefs of the institution, and tying them directly to impacts and outcomes.

We started by listening

Through a series of interactive Town Hall meetings, we engaged in true dialogue with the University’s myriad constituencies—from students to faculty, alumni to administrators, campus leadership to regional influencers. We identified common themes and used those inputs to craft a system of tenets that, individually and collectively, express the beliefs of the institution. This system laddered up to an energetic and anthemic expression of the UW brand—Be Boundless.

Bringing boundless to life

Hornall Anderson created and launched a bold, new brand campaign, designed to reach UW’s audiences and shift their perceptions of the University. Living in TV, print, outdoor, radio, digital videos, social and nontraditional executions, the campaign captures the optimistic mindset of the passionate students UW seeks to attract.

More than just a campaign

Our work with the University of Washington continues to express itself far beyond marketing. From an evolved visual identity that recasts the University’s iconic W, to shifted behaviors and structures for processes like Admissions, Student Life and Athletics, Hornall Anderson is committed to helping the University of Washington strive toward its Boundless Future.