Push progress to the limit.

Obliteride is flexing its might in 2014, becoming an even bigger, even better ally for cancer research. And by the time the last rider crosses the finish line, we hope to lap 2013's inaugural results.
Twice the number of riders. Twice the funds raised. Twice the amount of orange cascading through Seattle.
Inspired by the cause and our passion for cycling, we once again teamed up with Fred Hutch to further develop Obliteride, both as an annual event and as a community of people passionate about saving lives.
We built upon 2013’s work by creating a complete brand experience, including print collateral, bike kits, and a guerilla marketing campaign. All of which was designed to mobilize more participants – riders, volunteers, and donors – and raise as much money for research as humanly possible.
Because we believe there's only one way we can end cancer: together.

The rallying point

We turned Obliteride.org into more than a source of information; we made it into an online experience where everyone involved could congregate.

Registration, team building exercises, fundraising efforts, donations, and more – the responsive HTML5 site became the hub of the pre-ride experience. No helmet necessary.


All-in advertising

Beating cancer requires total commitment, so we created an advertising campaign that followed suit: "All In." Featuring bold color, typography, and copy, the "All In" messaging evolved over time - on both large and small scales - to attract potential participants.

A flexible brand

To really grow in 2014, Obliteride needed a brand system that could be easily applied across all media. From kits to signage and beyond, we designed everything to maximize visibility – for the sake of brand awareness as well as safety.

The original Obliteride identity was designed by our friends at Green Rubino.